About Zazzy Pop

Hi there. My name is Owl Jones and I am the creator of Zazzy Pop bass and bream poppers. “Zazzy Pop” is simply a clever name I came up with to describe the poppers that I make for myself and my friends. Somewhere along the way, a few of my online fishing buddies asked about buying poppers from me, and “Zazzy Pop” was born.

Why the name “Zazzy Pop?” 

Zazzy Pop was named after the character Sheldon Cooper from the television show “The Big Bang Theory.” In an episode where Dr. Cooper breaks up with his “girl and friend, but not girlfriend” Amy, he gets a dozen or so cats as a replacement for her companionship. Most of the cats he names after the men who invented the atomic bomb, but one cat he names “Zazzles” because “he’s just so….zazzy.” Since I have alot of quirks in common with the character (Sheldon, not the cat! 🙂 ) I decided to call the poppers I make “Zazzy Pops.”

Why do they cost so much? 

Actually, the current price of commerically tied poppers are $4 to $4.50, so I think offering our more durable, Made in the U.S.A. poppers for $5 each is quite the bargain.

Why don’t you take credit cards? 

Right now, we’re just selling them as a side part of our hobby. If the orders keep coming as word spreads about how Zazzy they are – we may decide to start a business around them. If that does happen, it will probably be early 2013 before we take that step. For now, a check or money order is the only way to buy a few Zazzy Pops from me.

How can I get a few and do they catch fish?

They do catch fish! Even the designs that are more “pop art” than “bass popper” catch plenty of fish. You can get them by visiting the website and clicking on any “Buy” link. There’s one on every page! Or, you can simply email me at owl@owljones.com and we’ll hook you up. Get it? “Hook” you up! haha. Zazzy.



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