Video, thy name is Zazzy

OK, so this isn’t really about poppers, but it has a cat in it – so it’s…well…..pretty darn zazzy. Enjoy:




Wasn’t that right? Videos on Tuesday? Well, last week I didn’t get out to go fishing at all – so what we’re gonna do is show you some of our favorite fishing videos today! Please don’t try to imitate anything you see here by anyone named Bill Dance. 😉

OK, this next one isn’t fly rod poppers, but casting poppers for HUGE saltwater fish! And it gets points for the guys “Capitalism!” shirt. [Warning: STRONG Language]

Who Promised U Video?


Ok, so it’s like 8 seconds long but I dare you to only watch it once. You won’t. You’ll watch it at least twice. It’s a clip of the bluegill in the photo that appears below the video. He sucks down the Zazzy Popper ( #8 traditional ) like he KNOWS it’s real! No hesitation. No regrets. Just WHAM!

I missed a nice 1-3lb bass when he shook the hook free on his second jump, but I didn’t have the camera rolling anyway, so no huge loss there for you. Alright, how about that video. City fishing for Monster Bluegills.


The Beast that tried to steal my Zazzy!


Oh and FYI: You have exactly EIGHT DAYS ( 8! ) to get in your entry for this month’s 2012 Big Fish Contest. The fish to beat is this bass:

Jeff Madre’s Zazzy Bass, caught on a Dirty Bream pattern Zazzy Pencil Pop