Pushing ahead…

I’ve been praying and thinking about the situation for a while. After the summer, sales have dropped off quite a bit even though I’ve been pushing and promoting as much as I can while still trying to make sure I’m not annoying both new, potential buyers and our loyal fans. With fall here, and ironically just as I’ve come to a decision on what to do, orders have picked up again and the decision’s been made: We’ll keep pushing ahead until next summer and take another look at things then.

That’s the good news. What may turn out to be the bad news is that despite my best efforts to keep things from changing, there is going to be a price increase in Jan. 2013. Insider information says the price of materials is going to go up next year, and the cost of making Zazzy Pops is more than what I’d originally thought. It seems almost every month I’m stopping to check our costs – our margins are that thin – and so far in 2012, even though sales have had their ups and downs, we’re still not making a profit. They say most businesses don’t for the first two years, don’t they? Well, that’s turning out to be true for us, too it seems. But we’re not going to give in now, we’re going to see how “Spring 2013” goes and make some kind of decision then. All we can do is take it day by day, month by month. We were hoping to go from hobby to business in Jan 2013, but I think we’re going to hold off on that for a bit longer, too.

So that’s the news today – and now I’ve got to tie some trout flies for Delayed Harvest season! I’ll be chasing rainbows, browns and brook trout in about a week. We’re glad fall is here at our house – bet you are at yours, too.

Thank you for sticking with us and don’t forget, we’re doing Buy 3 Get 1 Free PLUS a free Lightload towel on every order in October.

Tight lines and fat fish,



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  1. I’m glad you’re continuing the Popper production (even though I haven’t ordered any..I know…I have no excuse…). Keep up the good work, and the updates!

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