Heads up!

Yeah, we know – the website is down. We use GoDaddy.com since they’re uber-cheap ( although personally I loathe the commercials) and some left-wing hackers have ruined the websites of millions apparently. Frankly, I’m not sure how they think that helps anything, but hey – just another day in our crazy world I guess. So anyway, hopefully that will be fixed soon. If not, oh well. Most of our referrals come from friends, customers, the blog here and our social media sites anyway. We may even be able to just kill the website altogether next year, which might enable me to actually LOWER the price on 2013 Zazzy Pops!? We’ll see how that all pans out when I sit down with my nemesis, Mr. Calculator. LOL

Last week was a shipping week and as far as I know everyone who has pending orders either has their poppers now, or they are on the way. We shipped out two batches last Thursday and today – which means for now, we’re all caught up! New orders would be looking at about a 4 day turn-around – except for the fact that this month we’re taking a little vacation time. That will probably keep orders at 6-10 days before things get busy for fall and winter/Christmas.

If you have friends that fly fish – why not get them a few Zazzy Pops for Christmas? We’d love to have your business and I KNOW your friends would love to get some Zazzy this year! You can even order Zazzy Bugs for your friends that only fish with spinning gear! We’ve heard alot of success stories this year from folks fishing Zazzy Bugs on light spinning gear!

Speaking of which – if you have a story you’d like to share, we’re always all ears! Let us use it to spread the word about Zazzy Pop and we may even send you some freebies. 🙂

Well, back to the popper mine! Have a great week everyone!


New pattern: You name it!

Alright, I’m going to have a contest to name this new pattern/color scheme. If you win, and I pick the name you give this pattern, I’ll send you a dead bream. HAHA. Kidding. How about a better prize: Two of the poppers shown in the photo.

So what do you think? What should we call this new pattern/style?

Things we wished we’d done…

Time really does fly. Even on those days when it seems like 5 o’clock will never get here. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to branch out into other things with my art recently, but I can’t seem to stop painting poppers. That’s not all bad, but I’m not sure the popper audience will fully appreciate the context of whatever I produce. Not to sound like I’m painting the Mona Lisa over here or anything, but I think some of the designs come out pretty well – at least as far as fishing goes.

But could I produce something else? Something that takes the humble fishing popper to a new demographic – a new audience? Maybe. Maybe not. But I guess I’ll never get an answer to that question without producing a few unconventional sets and putting them out there – for sale – or to be criticized? My pen-pal friend from Down Under just got his Zazzy Pops the other day and he seems well pleased with how they turned out saying that they were quite the little works of art. It always makes me smile when someone says that, because I think back to my high school days. I think I took about as many art classes as I could squeeze in from 9th grade until I left college. In most of them, I was a stand out. No, not like that – when asked to paint a boot, I was the kid that painted everything around the boot, leaving the outline. Once I remember a watercolor class where I painted tribal figures using a spoon instead of a brush. Odd? Sure. Everyone thought I was nuts and maybe I am – but here I am, painting fishing lures…

…and I don’t think it’s nuts at all on most days. 😉

SO, in light of all that useless blathering, does anyone see anything they recognize below? This might seem a little crazy, but I’d hate to look back 30 years from now and say “Now why didn’t I ever paint up a tribute to my favorite artists?”

Three Zazzy Pops to the first person to correctly name each artist by Friday, August 3rd, 2012.  Bragging rights if you can also name the painting.  Good luck! 

Wet Ink.

Headed to Australia!

The first ever Zazzy Pops will land Down Under in a about a week – but we thought we’d give you guys a look at ’em before they flew their way ’round the world, mate! I keep saying we’re not going to do more international orders, but they keep coming, so I guess we’ll keep doing ’em! 🙂 I’ve got about a dozen more poppers to complete for this order, but they’ll be done this week and then the whole batch is headed for the land of the Wallaby and the Dingo!

Saltwater hooks and Zazzy Paint Jobs – look out Aussie fish!

You’ll notice a couple of 3D Snakeskin poppers slipped in there. These two are the original, ORIGINAL prototypes done before a small prototype batch of freshwater 3D Snakeskins was created. I’m not sure if the fish will love ’em or be scared of ’em – but me and my mate Matthew L. from Australia are going to find out! Also in the world of Zazzy Pop today , I’m offering a set of poppers that I can’t seem to name. They remind me of jawbreakers – you know,… the candy. Or maybe they look like fruit or something? What do you guys think?

If you think Zazzy Poppers are a bit too zazzy for your bass, maybe these will do the trick!? Each one in this set has extra rubber legs and hackle feather tails in addition to the normal flash.

$35 for the set and we’ll pay the shipping on this first ever (whatever the name is going to be) set. LOL

Collector’s Ultimate Series: 3D Snakeskin

I’m extremely excited to announce the first popper in a new Limited Edition Collector’s Series: The 3D Snakeskin Zazzy Pop!

Based on an early “world map ” Zazzy Pop design, these new, highly detailed poppers are vailable now for $15 each. The 3D Snakeskin models are tied to Zazzy Pop’s extreme durability standards and can actually be fished, but they’re intended to be “Collector’s Edition ” Poppers. They’d be great handed down to your kids when you tell ’em “…you remember when… ”

Only 50 of these “Snakeskin ” Poppers will ever be made. Each one will come with a Zazzy Pop Decal and a coupon that’s good anytime for a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal.

The 3D Snakeskin Poppers each have at least 8 colors of ink and take about ten times as long to create as our regular Zazzy Pop poppers. Each popper will have 10 RUBBER LEGS and color coordinated hackle feathers in the tail – along with our always generous dose of Zazzy flash. They also get our standard X-tra Foam along the hook shank to ensure they’ll float all day should you choose to fish ’em.
You’ll get more flash and more wiggle than any other popper on the market! But they’d look awesome on your desk or on the mantle, too. I’m just sayin’….. 🙂

As always, they look better in person than they do in the photos. Please use the contact form on our website to order:

More photos coming soon!

My how the Mine flies…

So this week we’re going full steam ahead with alot of new orders and special projects coming out. One of these is an order for my new penpal buddy from Down Under. Matthew ordered a set of saltwater Thunder Pops in “fishy” colors that were 2 X 2. The Noah’s Ark Special we’re calling it and they’re just getting underway since I had to run out for some of the right size saltwater hooks for the Thunder Pops. ( Last time I bought hooks I picked up 2/0 hooks for whatever reason even though we only do the Thunder Pops in size 1. Or is it 1/0. Anyway, smaller…)

Two blue fishy, Two green fishy, two….I feel like reading some Dr. Seuss for some reason…

Also going out this week are some flies that might just make winning that $500 Custom Misfit fly rod a little easier! My buddy Gary over in Alabama is doing some night fishing for striped bass and wanted some black poppers for ’em. We think these should just about do them in!

Deadly Night Stalker. OK, I need a better name for ’em….

And finally in other newzes, due to an uptick in orders this last week, turn around time is running about 7-10 days on non-custom orders. Oh and the poppers for Veteran’s we did arrived safe and sound in VA and we’re looking forward to Cory Routh getting them in the hands of some of America’s Finest.

What? OH yeah, those 3D Snakeskin poppers……they’re almost ready. Hang in there. They’re really something special. They take about five times as long to ink up as a regular Zazzy Pop. I just hope I can get some decent photos of ’em. Might have to take ’em out somewhere and put ’em in a fish’s mouth. They always look better there, anyway. 🙂


Ok, here’s the random winner from our first ever Zazzy Pop Q & A……….the winner is……….(drum roll please):

ED, who asked: When do you Zazzy and when do you Pop? Although the questions had no bearing on your chance to win, I think that’s a pretty good question! “Ed” send me your address and I’ll get a couple of Zazzy Pop poppers in the mail to you – and thanks for the question!

And now, I’d like to present you with something I’ve been meaning to do for a long, long time:

Zazzy Sliders available in #8, #4 and a big ole honkin size 1. Stripers anyone?