Introducing: The Warm Fly

Today’s post is a warm-water highlight. I’d like to introduce you to “The Warm Fly.” I found this website and forums while looking for  – you know what – who knows? Something fly fishing related. Surprise.  It’s a good source of lots of information, and the forums are pretty active, too. As a matter of fact, I was getting fairly involved in the discussions over there until S.C.O.F. put up their forum. But if you visit the SCOF Forum, be aware it’s alot like The Drake or Chat Roulette. At times, it can reek of adult language and such. Just so you know.

Anyhoot – check out “The Warm Fly” when you get a chance if you like to fish for bass, bream and other fish with the fly.

Also, I want to kinda …I’m gonna let you finish, Warm Fly, but….  here a minute. The blog here is growing fairly quickly and I think once we get some of this video edited and out on the front page here, it’ll go even faster. Well, because I’m catching 40 pound stripers on …ok, not really. But who doesn’t love fishing videos? Ok, the judges from Dancing with the Stars – but besides them – who else? Everyone loves fishing videos. So they’re coming – but back to my point…

With what’s left of this week, we’re going to ask you to do us a solid….please share the blog posts with your friends (assuming you have at least one) on Twitter. Please help us spread the word. I’ll be honest  with you ( as always ): the more people we have checking this thing out, the more inspired I get in writing for it. As you probably know, I’ve got a pretty full plate right now keeping OJDC running, trying to grow this blog and cranking out Zazzy Pops as fast as I can. ( THANK YOU for that! )

So if you could help us out when you think about it and give us a link or a share or anything like that, I’d really, really appreciate it. Yes, Mike…telling your neighbor across the fence counts, too.

Thanks! – and don’t forget to check out The Warm Fly, too!


Vehicles: Zazzy-fied…

In a world where vehicles are normally just bumber stickered

In a world where Zazzy-ness is an acquired taste…

In a world where…oh forget it. Here’s the truck! 


Graphics look pretty good…very Zazzy!

UH oh. Things were so zazzy….stuff started getting weird…

I’m the King of the World !!!!!!!!!!

Day Late, Dollar Short?

OK, OK, so I got my days confused and we forgot to shine the ZP spotlight on someone yesterday. Look at us, already falling down on the job. Well hang on,…..we’re going to do yesterday’s stuff today and then, if you want – you can re-read yesterday’s stuff and pretend it’s Wednesday. Which it is. Shut up. Let’s do this.

Today’s ZP Spotlight shines on:

MATT from who recently took one of our poppers fishing and tried to hang a hammock with it. They’re not meant for fishing in trees, Sir. Try the water for best results. (Maybe we should start putting disclaimers on the packaging?)

BASS MASTER! ……….nice fish!

Also, Matt tried them on concrete and (to our personal amazement) the mouths of a few fish. I like to rib Matt because I know he can take it and I know he knows how to give it right back. He also happens to run ( or help to run? 2 people there? 3 ? I dunno.) a great fishing blog that really has alot of “meat” to it. Also, he was forced into taking blogger action against The World’s Foremost something or other and go the results that we all wish we could get with most companies “customer NO service.” I keep bringing that up because Matt’s so humble about it and I know it bugs him when I mention it. OK, so this isn’t so much a customer spotlight as it is a dude I know who fished some of our poppers. But it’s a good tradition to start on someone like this. Why? Because I think he really liked em alot. Read what Matt had to say about Zazzy Poppers:

After you read it, ask Matt if he expects a Christmas card from that outfitter. I’m just saying. 🙂 Thank you from all of us out here in consumer land! And keep the good fishing content coming. We’re all into that.



Ok, here’s the random winner from our first ever Zazzy Pop Q & A……….the winner is……….(drum roll please):

ED, who asked: When do you Zazzy and when do you Pop? Although the questions had no bearing on your chance to win, I think that’s a pretty good question! “Ed” send me your address and I’ll get a couple of Zazzy Pop poppers in the mail to you – and thanks for the question!

And now, I’d like to present you with something I’ve been meaning to do for a long, long time:

Zazzy Sliders available in #8, #4 and a big ole honkin size 1. Stripers anyone?


Wasn’t that right? Videos on Tuesday? Well, last week I didn’t get out to go fishing at all – so what we’re gonna do is show you some of our favorite fishing videos today! Please don’t try to imitate anything you see here by anyone named Bill Dance. 😉

OK, this next one isn’t fly rod poppers, but casting poppers for HUGE saltwater fish! And it gets points for the guys “Capitalism!” shirt. [Warning: STRONG Language]

My first Bass on a Popper

It was incredibly hot outside, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He stood outside at the backdoor, his tacklebox in one hand and an old Martin fly rod in the other, screaming “Come on Dad! Let’s go fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiishing!” After fifteen minutes of begging and yelling about summer being made for fishing, “Dad” couldn’t take it any more. He turned off the television, grabbed his keys and headed toward the back door.

“Alright, go get in the truck – but I don’t know where we’re gonna go, son.”

The kid didn’t care. The kid just wanted to fish. He’d give up anything to go fishing and later in life that “anything” would include friends, parties, and even….girls. At least for a while.  

That kid was me, and I remember my first bass on a popper like it was yesterday. Maybe because it was so hot outside and I hated being hot – but not as much as I hated sitting inside a house, which is something I hate to this day. I’ve made sure my wife knows that if there’s any way possible, when it’s my time to go – I want to be outside.

We turned out of the driveway onto Cherokee Drive, then right onto Parkwood, then a left onto Watson Boulevard. I always thought that was a funny word – boulevard. Once we got to the end of Watson and turned south, I stopped paying attention to where we were going. I was fiddling with my tacklebox.

Dad, is this a good lure?” I’d say as I held up a small yellow and red popper, it’s rubber legs dangling. Dad would usually look at me, smile and keep driving. No sense answering the question when he knew 1000 more were coming. The white Chevy truck we called “Light’ning” barreled along and I dug through the old tacklebox a bit more. I had all the hand-me-downs from Dad’s box. Things he didn’t want, things he didn’t use and a few hooks, bobbers and lures that were new or nearly new. I remember a plastic circular box with a clear plastic lid that would spin around and let you get to different sized sinkers. Maybe you’ve seen something like that? Sinkers still come that way sometimes.

“We’re here, Jeff. Get your rod…” 

I opened the camper shell’s glass door and reached over to get the rod. I had to climb over the tail-gate and into the truck – the rod slid up to the front during the trip. It must have been 110 degrees in the back of that truck. I was sweating before I could get the old fly rod and get back out.

The lake – wherever we were – was choked with lily pads and weeds and crooked black logs. I hated water like that because there was so much to get hung on. This place was more swamp than lake, and the lost soldiers of angler’s past hung from high branches above where we stood. There were lots of old corks and thick line, a few spinners, and one Rebel Minnow. Dad tried to get the Rebel lure down using his spinning rod but it was too short. I reached for it with the tip of my fly rod…

“No, no. Don’t use the fly rod. It’ll break the tip off if you get it hooked up there.” 

The Ocmulgee River

He pointed out a spot for me to stand – a small clearing of red clay and rocks. It looked like a great place for a snake to me, but then – what didn’t out there? Later, I learned this wasn’t a lake or pond at all – but a river. We were fishing a backwater oxbow that had formed a small pond when the water level went down. The water was stained and still. Nothing moved but a few turtles here and there.

I wasn’t very good with the fly rod. I wasn’t very good with any rod, actually. But Dad came over and stood beside me. He roll cast that red and yellow popper out for me. It landed by a log that was half submerged under the murky water.

“Now, give it a tug and make it pop.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah, just like that. If there’s a fish…”


The battle wasn’t long. Maybe thirty seconds – and I didn’t even land it. It jumped three times and on the third jump it threw the hook. But I didn’t care – I’d caught it in my mind. After some whining on my part, Dad agreed we could count it. He promised not to tell Mom that it got away. We agreed to tell her that it was just too little to keep, which – had I caught it – would have been the Gospel truth. It couldn’t have been more than a half-pound or so.

But it hit that popper and it hit it hard. And that…..well, I’ve never forgotten the way that felt.

How much is that Fly Rod in the Window?

So I just got word from rodmaker and friend Mark Allen of Misfit Fishing Rods that our 2012 Big Fish Contest Custom Fly Rod isn’t going to be worth $350 after all. Mark is telling me that with the custom work we want to do on it, it’s going to be worth closer to $500!

Mark does custom designs, logos, etc. and really puts alot into the creation of every single rod. Maybe I should have him build two so I can keep one for myself!?

Deranged Fishing Rods!

We’ll keep you up to speed on how the build is going once it gets underway – and I can’t thank Mark enough for being involved in this. Like Zazzy Pop, Mark is a guy trying to get something off the ground – please stop by his website and take a look around – and if you’re in the market for a new, hand-built custom rod, shoot him an email!

And now, we’re off to the lake. OK, tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re off to the lake. What lake? We don’t know yet. 🙂 A Zazzy Lake. 🙂