Day Late, Dollar Short?

OK, OK, so I got my days confused and we forgot to shine the ZP spotlight on someone yesterday. Look at us, already falling down on the job. Well hang on,…..we’re going to do yesterday’s stuff today and then, if you want – you can re-read yesterday’s stuff and pretend it’s Wednesday. Which it is. Shut up. Let’s do this.

Today’s ZP Spotlight shines on:

MATT from who recently took one of our poppers fishing and tried to hang a hammock with it. They’re not meant for fishing in trees, Sir. Try the water for best results. (Maybe we should start putting disclaimers on the packaging?)

BASS MASTER! ……….nice fish!

Also, Matt tried them on concrete and (to our personal amazement) the mouths of a few fish. I like to rib Matt because I know he can take it and I know he knows how to give it right back. He also happens to run ( or help to run? 2 people there? 3 ? I dunno.) a great fishing blog that really has alot of “meat” to it. Also, he was forced into taking blogger action against The World’s Foremost something or other and go the results that we all wish we could get with most companies “customer NO service.” I keep bringing that up because Matt’s so humble about it and I know it bugs him when I mention it. OK, so this isn’t so much a customer spotlight as it is a dude I know who fished some of our poppers. But it’s a good tradition to start on someone like this. Why? Because I think he really liked em alot. Read what Matt had to say about Zazzy Poppers:

After you read it, ask Matt if he expects a Christmas card from that outfitter. I’m just saying. 🙂 Thank you from all of us out here in consumer land! And keep the good fishing content coming. We’re all into that.