ZazzyPop: Whazzabigdeal?

We think Zazzy Pops are a big deal, and so does everyone who sees them in person! The photos on this site (and others) really don’t do them justice. It’s kinda hard to capture all that Zazzy! Actually, it’s the glossy finish that makes ’em hard to photograph.

Ok, so they’re shiny. Big deal, right? Lots of poppers are shiny. Well yeah, lots of poppers are shiny. Green ones, blue ones, green and red ones, yellow and green ones……but have you ever seen a shiny red-blue-green-yellow-orange-black-white-pink-teal popper with a tie-dye bear??!?!! We have!

“Hey, if you don’t mind – let me get some feedback from you guys…”

That’s what I told a couple who stopped by our yard sale last weekend. I was scraping decals off the “Trout Truck” in order to make room for a new Zazzy Pop logo that’ll take up most of the window and I overheard the lady ask my wife if we had any fly fishing gear for sale.

Two minutes later I was showing them the latest batch of Zazzy Pops. They husband looked them over and seemed generally impressed. He told me how he’d tried to make poppers with markers and fingernail polish but the colors all ran together when the epoxy was applied. I assured him that I’d “been there, done that” and that there was a special base coat on these that allowed us to get all the details we wanted to stay where we wanted them to stay. He picked up a saltwater version and held it up in the sunlight.

“Those look really nice.” said Mr. Saltwater Fly Guy.

“Take that one with you” said I.

“Oh no, we have to pay you for it.” said Mr. Salty.

“No, I insist – take one and let me know how it works for you.”

But he insisted right back and gave us some money for the popper. Handing him a business card, I could only hope that someday he’ll send back a report or (even better) a fish picture with something from the sea that bit our ZazzyPop. When and if that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know right here.

In other Zazzy Newz, our largest order to date: 50 + poppers is going to ship out this week! Thank you to everyone for all the requests for Zazzyness. Between tying some for myself and the orders we’ve got coming in right now, it’s taking about 14 days for turnaround – but we know you’ll think it’s worth it. After all, they’re just so…(wait for it)….Zazzy! 🙂


Workin’ it Out

Well, we’re taking most of the weekend off this week. Today we company coming and also a Tea Party rally to attend and alot of “running around” to do in town. I don’t really like “town” very much, but it seems that’s where most things are located. 

Then, Sunday we’re headed back to the “bass ponds” one last time this spring to try and get some video for the website. Gonna try to make a real-life-bona-fide-commercial for ZP. We’ll see how far that goes. Might just be some video of rejections by carp – who knows? That’s why they call it “fishing.” 🙂 

Next week, look for some new “3 pack” designs and specials as we gear up for eBay and Etsy. Or Esty. Whatever it is. 




Wapsi: No Reply. No Comment. No care?

Recently, I used the contact form on Wapsi’s website to check on their wholesale account program. After reviewing their website, it seemed as if they were saying they wouldn’t sell wholesale to American fly tiers, even if the tier in question was thinking about turning their popper hobby into a business (ahem.).

What I got from Wapsi was…well, …..nothing. No reply. So I guess that settles that! After talking with someone who already has a lucrative commercial fly tying business yesterday I was able to confirm that no, Wapsi will not sell wholesale to tiers, luremakers, etc. in the USA. However, they apparently have no problem selling their products to overseas companies doing the exact same thing (ie making lures and/or flies).

Now, I can see how 20 or even 10 years ago this made sense. You want to protect your relationship with fly shops in the USA. After all, if I can buy them from Wapsi for less than I can at Local River Fly Shop, then that would put Local River Fly Shop in a rather ill mood.

But today? In this economy? With fly shops closing left and right? I’m thinking that perhaps Wapsi needs to reevaluate their strategy. After all, aren’t most over-seas commercial tying factories owned by American companies? What’s the difference in selling wholesale to them – or to me – other than the quantity of products being sold?

I think their marketing/sales plan is almost obsolete. Why? Because even as a hobby tier, I just ordered $500 worth of popper bodies and hooks from my favorite fly shop. That’s good for the fly shop, and really means that Wapsi’s plan of not selling to independent tiers is doing what it’s intended to do – it forced me to turn to a shop to buy my Wapsi bodies.

It’s also caused me to look for another American manufacturer of hard foam popper bodies which doesn’t put fly shops above independent tiers

Is there such an animal out there? I’m planning on finding out so that I can keep the cost of a Zazzy Pop down as much as possible.

Bass Bandit Series

The “Bass Bandits” are a limited edition series based on ……well, bandits! I thought about trying to get Burt Reynold and Sally Field to fit onto a popper but even when I got them on there, they just argued and bickered the whole time.

” You know the hat thing was my idea, Burt.”

“No. No way. I thought of that. Right after I decided Fred should go for a swim.”

“Oh……you……..hmmpf! MEN!”

So, we end up with just regular old “bandits” instead of part of the cast of Smoky and the Bandit, which by the way is probably my second favorite movie of all time. ( HINT: We have a poster of my first favorite movie of all time in the “Popper Mine.” )

Just a Bass Bandit, hanging around. ( Or hanging for his crimes against bass?! )

A hanger station full of "Zazzy!"

You can get any of these Zazzy Pop’s for $5 ea through the end of 2012. Just email me at
Owl Jones if you’re interested in buying a few.

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