From Facebook to Eternity


So, if you follow Zazzy Pop on Facebook , you might have seen our little contest there where you tried to guess the new material we’re using this week – and the store where it was purchased. If you got both exactly right, we’d give you one of the new poppers. Well, unfortunately no one got it exactly right although a few Zazzy fans were mighty close!

Fear not! We’re going to give away one anyway to one of the lucky folks that saw that post. You know, it’s true – you really do make your own luck most of the time. 

Well, anyway – if you’re clever enough to be following the facebook page AND the Zazzy Pop blog here – you’re ahead of the game again…because we’re going to give away that new high-end popper here, not there. Gotta be on your toes!

I hear you – “Alright already! What’s the new popper?” I’ll give you a hint, the soon-to-be-not-so-secret-ingredient is a material produced here in Georgia, but it’s not manufactured. It’s also not kudzu. 🙂

Any ideas? I’ve tossed this idea around before…..


Is it cotton?!? Nooooooooooo. It’s much more valuable than cotton?

Did we make a tobacco popper? One with peach skin?

A popper with peanuts in it? Now, there’s a thought – but no. Sorry peanut lovers. ( Or as we call ’em here – “P-Nuts.”  )





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