Warm Water Spotlight

Today we’re gonna shed the light on a warm-water sites you might enjoy. It also has some cold-water articles like trout fishing and such, but there’s a really neat balance of gear reviews, personal stories, fish reports – just a little bit of anything and everything fishing. This guy is addicted, folks! ( Not a bad thing! )

Introducing…….. Functioning Fishaholics! Yep, ole Matt has it rockin’ over there most of the time – and yes, we got a very good review from Functioning Fishaholics first experiences with a Zazzy Pop, too! While the articles always vary, from fish species to locations to how he goes after ’em, there’s always a sense of adventure and a sense of humor with the fishing reports and opinion pieces.

When you know you’ve got the fishin’ fever!

Here’s a few of my favorite posts by Matt over the last year:

Of course, the Zazzy Review: What the Heck is a Zazzy Pop? – Review

Flies as Art: My Crazy Flies…..Art?

Family, dogs and karma: You can’t Stay Mad at your Mom

The Popper your Mother Warned you about: The Angry Chicken Popper ( I’m not sure if this thing ever got fished or caught a fish, but I’m betting you a dozen Krispy Kreme’s it would catch a bass or three. )

And finally: My Favorite Outdoor Place


Thanks for all the great reading, Matt – keep it coming! ( and let us know on that chicken popper! )


It’s Friday Q & A !

Alright, last week we gave away some Zazzy, but I can’t afford to do that every week. What do you think this is, Redington? 🙂

But we’re still here, answering questions Zazzy and otherwise – all day long. So ask away!

Or make comments instead of questions. We’re all casual like that! OH, oh and CONGRATS to JEFF MADRE for winning MAY in the 2012 ZP/Misfit Rods Big Fish Contest. Jeff is now entered to win a $500 value CUSTOM fly rod from Misfit Fishing Rods.  CONGRATS, JEFF! Way to go!

This bass wanted it BAD!

Introducing: The Warm Fly

Today’s post is a warm-water highlight. I’d like to introduce you to “The Warm Fly.” I found this website and forums while looking for  – you know what – who knows? Something fly fishing related. Surprise.  It’s a good source of lots of information, and the forums are pretty active, too. As a matter of fact, I was getting fairly involved in the discussions over there until S.C.O.F. put up their forum. But if you visit the SCOF Forum, be aware it’s alot like The Drake or Chat Roulette. At times, it can reek of adult language and such. Just so you know.

Anyhoot – check out “The Warm Fly” when you get a chance if you like to fish for bass, bream and other fish with the fly.

Also, I want to kinda …I’m gonna let you finish, Warm Fly, but….  here a minute. The blog here is growing fairly quickly and I think once we get some of this video edited and out on the front page here, it’ll go even faster. Well, because I’m catching 40 pound stripers on …ok, not really. But who doesn’t love fishing videos? Ok, the judges from Dancing with the Stars – but besides them – who else? Everyone loves fishing videos. So they’re coming – but back to my point…

With what’s left of this week, we’re going to ask you to do us a solid….please share the blog posts with your friends (assuming you have at least one) on Twitter. Please help us spread the word. I’ll be honest  with you ( as always ): the more people we have checking this thing out, the more inspired I get in writing for it. As you probably know, I’ve got a pretty full plate right now keeping OJDC running, trying to grow this blog and cranking out Zazzy Pops as fast as I can. ( THANK YOU for that! )

So if you could help us out when you think about it and give us a link or a share or anything like that, I’d really, really appreciate it. Yes, Mike…telling your neighbor across the fence counts, too.

Thanks! – and don’t forget to check out The Warm Fly, too!