Heads up!

Yeah, we know – the website is down. We use GoDaddy.com since they’re uber-cheap ( although personally I loathe the commercials) and some left-wing hackers have ruined the websites of millions apparently. Frankly, I’m not sure how they think that helps anything, but hey – just another day in our crazy world I guess. So anyway, hopefully that will be fixed soon. If not, oh well. Most of our referrals come from friends, customers, the blog here and our social media sites anyway. We may even be able to just kill the website altogether next year, which might enable me to actually LOWER the price on 2013 Zazzy Pops!? We’ll see how that all pans out when I sit down with my nemesis, Mr. Calculator. LOL

Last week was a shipping week and as far as I know everyone who has pending orders either has their poppers now, or they are on the way. We shipped out two batches last Thursday and today – which means for now, we’re all caught up! New orders would be looking at about a 4 day turn-around – except for the fact that this month we’re taking a little vacation time. That will probably keep orders at 6-10 days before things get busy for fall and winter/Christmas.

If you have friends that fly fish – why not get them a few Zazzy Pops for Christmas? We’d love to have your business and I KNOW your friends would love to get some Zazzy this year! You can even order Zazzy Bugs for your friends that only fish with spinning gear! We’ve heard alot of success stories this year from folks fishing Zazzy Bugs on light spinning gear!

Speaking of which – if you have a story you’d like to share, we’re always all ears! Let us use it to spread the word about Zazzy Pop and we may even send you some freebies. 🙂

Well, back to the popper mine! Have a great week everyone!